About the Zoo

Amazon World has the  largest collection of exotic animals on the Isle of Wight! 

It has won a Tourism 'Top Attraction' award  and Top Family Attraction, so you can be assured of a great time with the family.

What is Amazon World

Amazon World Zoo Park is one of those special  attractions where you can learn about conservation - rain forests and see some of the worlds unusual,  endangered and beautiful creatures. 

Many of the animals at Amazon World cannot be seen anywhere else in the country.

During your visit see if you can spot the many species of tropical birds flying freely around rainforest, or count the crocodiles in the pond. The displays and talks are amazing and watch the lemurs while they play. Their website is can  help you plan your visit,  but rest assured this place is well worth a  visit when you visit the Isle of Wight.

Its location is Watery Lane Newchurch.

Feel free to visit their website by following this link, but be sure to come back.