02 Mar

Take it slow on the Isle of Wight

Caravan holidays are a great way to get into a new way of life on the Isle of Wight. Last month, we looked at car and road trips around the island, but the tourist board has recently started promoting the latest trend in tourism - slow travel. It’s a great way to get off the beaten track and discover the locals’ favourite best-kept secrets.

So what is slow travel? It’s more a state of mind or a way of seeing than anything. It means that you take your time getting to wherever you’re going and enjoy the scenery, culture and adventure along the way. And if you don’t get to where you meant to go, that’s very slow travel!

If you’re into being more sustainable in the way you travel, then you can leave the car at home and use the excellent buses, trains and walking routes to have a great holiday while minimising your environmental impact - and we can all get on board with that. Staying in our caravan in Shanklin is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to enjoy your time on the island!

Beyond bucket and spade tourism

Our holiday home sits on the west coast of the island, not far from the beautiful sands at Sandown. If you’re looking for a traditional bucket and spade holiday with the kids, then Sandown is hard to beat and it's just a stone’s throw from the caravan in Shanklin, with its lovely prom. But why not wait for low tide and walk the entire five miles of the beach? It’s the ideal place to go fossil hunting before you take a trip to Dinosaur Isle for a unique reptile-related experience.

If you time it right, you should be able to get round Knock Point into Luccombe Bay, which can only be accessed at low tide. Choose a sunny day and the iron-coated pebbles sparkle in the sun and rainbows appear in the waterfall - it’s quite a magical spot, but do keep an eye on the tide.

If you love wildlife, take a trip to Yaverland beach where you can spot Peregrine falcons and great bush crickets, before heading off on the Willow Walk through ancient woodland - don’t forget to stop off at Browns for a proper coffee and cake - there are vegan and gluten-free options, too. If you enjoy woodland walks, then don’t miss the Sandown Community orchard and the red squirrel trail - these gorgeous little creatures have found a sanctuary on the island.

Closer to home at Shanklin Chine, you won’t want to miss the Horse Ledge. This distinctive feature pushes out into the sea and creates hundreds of amazing rock pools where you can see tiny crabs and sea anemones up close. It’s a wonderful way to spend a morning or afternoon depending on the tide - no mobiles or tablets required.

Come and enjoy a slower pace of life

These are just a handful of the amazing places to see on the island and all are easily accessible by regular buses. So what are you waiting for? If the pace of modern life gets all too much, try taking it slow on the Isle of Wight - you’ll be glad you did.

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